PAAL has  two galleries. The 1,217sf Main Gallery walls have painted white gypsum wall board. The floors are varnished wood. Three tapered steel columns supporting the second floor above are spaced across the center of the room. Two large window seats sit on either side of the large wooden main entry door. A short, open corridor to restroom and utility closets are also within this gallery. Accessed via elevator, the 1,490sf Members Gallery is upstairs on the second floor. The majority of the walls are painted white brick, while less than half of the walls are painted white gypsum wall board. There are two windows on the southern wall and two windows on the east wall. Both east and west walls are entirely of brick. The east wall has three original fireplace openings that bump out from the main wall surface by approximately 5 inches. The floor is aged wooden planks with a gray painted finish. Three heavy timber wooden columns support the roof above. Building exit stair access is also within this gallery.