Opens on Friday October 14th, 2016 in the Main Gallery

Art and the creative process is often a solitary endeavor. In this group show the creative muse is sparked between a visual artist and a poem or lyrics. Each work will act as a muse for their artistic response.

Live Poetry readings hosted by Mr. William "Wah Wah" Washington and Mr. Keith Hamilton.

also featuring local and national poets.


Helene RUIZ, David FREEMAN, Josue FRED, Khalid THOMPSON, Henrietta NEAR, Chris LUDKE, Kurtis PATTERSON, Sarmistha TALUKDAR, Tahanie MEDINA, Danielle RHOADES, Dell JONES, June BAREFIELD, William S. PETERS, Lillian FERNANDEZ, Kayla BRYSON, Keith KAMILTON, Regina WALKER, Marian HOLLOWELL, Sara HILL Val PARKER, William WASHINGTON


A Solo Art Exhibit by Helene Ruiz

Opening on Friday Oct 14th, 2016 - On exhibit in the Member’s Gallery

 This series of works have been completed over several years and represent how tricky life can be at times.  The works are both somewhat autobiographical and biographical and are a juxtaposed interpretive representation of life from a personal view and an attempt at telling a visual story of our surroundings and the environment in which we live in to include the people we interact with daily.

 It is a whimsical approach to symbolically represent the serious side of life’s unexpected tricky situations using playful symbols such as clowns, jesters, jokers and fools that are very colorfully painted against a strong black background.

 Perhaps you may be able to see a connection of some of these fools, jokers, clowns and jesters and relate them to your own daily life and interactions with the many people you may run into in public places while shopping, working, running errands, etc...; thus reminding us of our own family members, co-workers and friends.

Sometimes we just have to find a little humor and fun within the otherwise too serious reality of life’s “skulduggeries