Friday for the Arts, July 14, 2017

Petersburg Area Art League July Exhibit Features

“Pastels All Around” by Member Artists from the MidAtlantic Pastel Society in the Main Gallery


“Two Painters” - Marilyn Sirbaugh and Trudy Dunn in the Members’ Gallery

Opening on Friday, July 14 for Friday for the Arts!, the Petersburg Area Art League will feature an all pastel art exhibit by more than 20 member artists from the MidAtlantic Pastel Society [MAPS].  This unique exhibit, entitled “Pastels All Around” will surround the walls of the Main Gallery with beautiful and colorful paintings. Founded in mid-2015, MAPS has rapidly grown to include over 70 members across the mid-Atlantic region.  Their membership spans all skill levels, from award-winning and nationally recognized “pastellists” to artists who are just learning the medium.

Our Members Gallery Exhibit features a show entitled “Two Painters” by Marilyn Sirbaugh and Trudy Dunn

Marilyn Sirbaugh's paintings have been mainly realistic and quite often include people since her background was as a fashion illustrator.  She is now aiming for a more decorative, abstract and colorful approach.  This exhibit will have some of both techniques.  She has been working on them in the classes she takes with Sheila Holland.

Also featured this month is beloved local artist, Trudy Dunn, who will spotlight five never before shown paintings in acrylic as well as a few works that have been away from the limelight of late.  It is incredible that this vibrant nonagenarian continues to produce fine pieces that invoke emotions from awe to amusement. Of her artistic career, she comments, "Creating beautiful artwork is the most satisfying thing I can do to keep my brain young.  I am working on exploring new methods of bringing my impressions of the world to canvas.

In conjunction with the Gallery art exhibits, Richmond author, Anne Poarch, will have a book signing of her new book, Flight. Flight: of butterflies and robins and other winged dreams is a very personal collection of forty-eight poems.  The thoughtful work chronicles the voice of a maturing young woman as she reawakens her heart and soul to the beauty of God’s natural world.

                  Anne Poarch

                  Anne Poarch

Flute music will be performed by Iris Schwartz and refreshments will be provided from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

The July exhibit runs through Sunday, August 6th.  Call 804-861-4611 for more information or visit   PAAL is located at 7 East Old Street in Petersburg.