Friday for the Arts, July 8, 2016

The show for July in the Main Gallery is by Martin Gonzalez.  He will display Popotillo, which is a type of straw that is washed, dried in the sun, and dyed in different colors. The results are a vast array of colorful straw that is shaped then adhered to special paper using beeswax (known as Cera de Campeche).  This technique has been passed on from generation to generation, but the declining sales of this art led to diminishing production and its impending extinction.  Martin Gonzalez, who resides in Richmond, VA, is another acclaimed artist in popotillo who is also intent on rescuing and perpetuating this ancestral art.  It is important to support and encourage ancient artistic traditions not only from Mexico but also those of other nations and cultures before time and distance lets us forget them.


 In the Members' Gallery Amy Barr will be the exhibitor this month.  Amy Barr is a plein air painter, mother and the owner of Art Adventures and Featherlight Studios.  Amy enjoys pushing the envelope and bringing out the creative side in others.  Amy has a passion for travel.

She combines that joy with her love of art and thrill of teaching.  She organizes and leads onsite art trips.  Destinations have included New York, local plantations, Lake Gaston, Utah, Colorado and Hawaii.  Her art work is oil pastels, oils and watercolors of some of these onsite art trips.