June Friday for the Arts!

Petersburg Area Art League Features Hamilton Glass’s 

Canvas, Acrylic & Ink Originals

Members’ Gallery Features Mixed Media Works by Aimee Joyaux

Petersburg, VA (May 28, 2015) – Opening on Friday, June 12 for Friday for the Arts!, the Petersburg Area Art League will feature “In Line” by artist Hamilton Glass.  In the Virginia Linen Service’s Members’ Gallery, local artist Aimee Joyaux will exhibit “Mixing Media.”

Hamilton Glass’s “In Line” exhibit features approximately 25 framed canvas pieces, along with acrylic and ink originals.  Born in Philadelphia, Glass’s career as an artist stems from his architecture and design educational and career background.  He received his Bachelors of Architecture from Hampton University and spent seven years working in numerous architecture firms in Virginia and New Jersey, but it was his passion for public art pushed him to start a career as an artist.  “Public art has always been a big influence and inspiration to me, because of its power to influence and inspire the surrounding community.”  He is one of the many street artists who have taken part in the ongoing debate of whether graffiti belongs on a gallery wall.

Glass’s work is identified by its architectural elements with bright colors and sharp lines, which are used to convey energy and movement.  Glass explains his work serves to create dialog between mainstream and underground art enthusiasts.

The Virginia Linen Service’s Members’ Gallery will exhibit “Mixing Media” by local artist Aimee Joyaux.  Her exhibit will feature approximately 20 works on paper and letterpress prints.  Joyaux explained that the theme of the drawings is “a response to a heightened sense of impermanence and the associated anxiety stemming from displacements and the looming threat of extinction and erasure.”  Joyaux also explained that for the letterpress, she is interested in small scale, local production and exploring Southern culture via posters and broadsides.

Joyaux has an MFA in photography and enjoys working in multiple media simultaneously.  “Art provides a release valve of sorts as I explore contemporary issues in culture that are vexing and, at times, scary.”  Joyaux is currently with Richard Bland College of William & Mary as the Associate Dean of Instructional Resources.