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"Aesthetic Odyssey"

Risegun Bennett Olomidun

My belief is that art is alive; and should always be thought of as being alive. “Alive” art can inspire the viewer to re-examine the reality around them - not merely as tangible objects, but also as ideas manifested in a physical form. 

Pirate's Map.jpg

I employ theories and techniques associated to abstract expressionism as a background for the exploration of media, imagery, and themes. Drawing from contemporary and traditional-ethnic (African, Native & African-American, Asian, Greek, Aboriginal) creative processes, and visual sensitivities, I worked work diligently in developing my own style and techniques, complimenting to my sense of aesthetics.  Vivid and intense colors, surface textures, and infinite affects gained through experimentation, drives the creative inspiration of my work.

Jasmine Mills Member's Gallery

Jasmine was born in Petersburg, Virginia in 1986. Jasmine works predominantly in the medium of paint but includes Film, Computer graphics, large installations and various multi-media. She is mostly self-taught with well over 50,000 hours of work under her belt. Jasmine took advantage of the art program at Petersburg High School and continued throughout. Jasmine Won the tri-cities “Best in show” 2005.

   Jasmine was accepted and landed a scholarship with The Art Institute of Washington DC.  She has owned and operated under the fictitious name X Customs, Recently changed to ArtHouse7 designs. Jasmine has produced an array of works for various clientele. She also sells her original works on her website and various other art sites, as well as Showcases and entries to local art scenes. Jasmine spends her time creating her original works and commissions at her in home studio. Jasmine lives in Virginia and travels for work.