Don’t miss the chance to be a permanent part of the Art Park!

Our Art Park is in need of infrastructure improvements:  outdoor lighting, walkways and benches.  To make these needs a reality, PAAL is embarking on an exciting campaign for our Art Park: "Pathways to Art."

“Pathways to Art” is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to purchase bricks and benches, which will be inscribed in commemoration, honor, or tribute (or even just with a sentiment). 

The bricks are available for $100 each for individuals and businesses.  (Bricks with business logos are $200.) You may also purchase engraved concrete benches for $1,000, which will be placed around the Art Park.  (All donations are fully tax-deductible.) 


The bricks will be set in a pathway from the Art Park door to the entrance on Old Street. With a portion of the funds raised, PAAL will commission local artists to design bricks in their artistic style. These commissioned bricks will become part of the pathway's design.

It has been more than five years since we held a fund raising campaign for the development of the Art Park, and since then, the Art Park has transformed from an empty lot to an artistic space for everyone to enjoy.  And since the moment we opened the doors to the Art Park, it’s become a critical piece of PAAL. 


Please help us to take the next step in the development of the Art Park:  purchase a brick! You can purchase online at or by calling PAAL at 804-861-4611